hi, welcome to my tcg collective! above you will find links to all my current active tcgs along with my trade form. please don't hesitate to send a trade! if you would like to join any of these tcgs don't forget to put me as your referral.

disclaimer: if i haven't responded to your trade within 3 days please put it through!


this section will be updated whenever new trades take place.

- kriss (pending since August 14, 2019)
ifnt-badsungjong20, loona-girlfrontkimlip17

- Cami (pending since August 17, 2019)
gidle-latatamiyeon05, gidle-latatamiyeon11

- Crossy (pending since August 17, 2019)

- kriss (pending since August 17, 2019)
april-ohmymistake10, april-ohmymistake12, astro-breathless15, loona-girlfrontjinsoul07, twice-tt17

- Lara (pending since August 17, 2019)

- Shinya (pending since August 17, 2019)
april-ohmymistake02, laboum-winterstorysolbin15, tara-socrazyqri20

- Alecks (pending since August 20, 2019)
loona-girlfront06, loona-girlfront08, loona-new06, omg-secretgardenmimi01, svt-dontwannacrywoozi06, ifnt-tellme02, ifnt-tellme04, ifnt-theeyehoya10, ifnt-theeyehoya12, izone-lavieenrosehitomi01, izone-lavieenrosehitomi03, leehi-mystar02, leehi-mystar05, loona-hihighvivi02, loona-hihighvivi04

- melinda (pending since August 20, 2019)
bp-playingwithfirelisa01, bp-playingwithfirelisa05, bp-playingwithfirelisa15, ifnt-tellme03, izone-lavieenrosehitomi02, izone-lavieenrosehitomi09, izone-lavieenrosehitomi10, izone-lavieenrosehitomi16, leehi-mystar04, leehi-mystar08, loona-girlfront07, loona-new20, omg-secretgardenmimi07, omg-secretgardenmimi12, sistar-ilikethat01, sistar-ilikethat04, sistar-ilikethat08

- yasu (pending since August 20, 2019)
fis9-dkdk11, leehi-mystar11, leehi-mystar14, leehi-mystar15, sistar-ilikethat10, sistar-ilikethat15, sistar-ilikethat16, sistar-ilikethat19, svt-dontwannacrywoozi10

on hold

please do not ask for these cards unless you know that i'm holding them for you.

There are currently no cards under this category.